Dude Tools, Inc.
General Terms & Policy Information

To place an order send purchase orders to sales@dudetools.com

Payment Terms:

 (2%-10/Net 30) 2% 10 days from date of invoice; Net 30 days from date of invoice.  Please     do not take discounts on freight charges.

Shipping Terms:

F.O.B. OUR FACTORY Minimum orders are $100.00 net dealer cost.  Freight charges will be applied to customers   invoice(s) or is shipped using customers freight number.  Orders received by 10 A.M Pacific Time will be shipped same day as it was ordered.

Back Orders:

We pride ourselves and try our hardest to never have to Back Order our Dude customers.  That’s why we stock our parts to the maximum, but that doesn’t mean that it may not happen.  If Dude Tools, Inc. ever Back Orders on your order, we’ll pay the freight for the Back Ordered item(s).  “Now that’s a promise you can count on Dude!”


Dude Tools, Inc. guarantees its products to be the best in the industry.  If any tool fails due to workmanship or product quality; Dude Tools, Inc. will replace the customer’s tool.  *** THE DUDE BUSTER DRIVE END DOES NOT APPLY DUE TO IMPROPER SIZE, WEAR, BROKEN OR OTHERWISE DEFECTIVE ANVILS ON IMPACT TOOLS: SORRY DUDE!

Return Goods:

Returned Goods must have written authorization from Dude Tools, Inc.
(***) Defective Product will be replaced at no charge; distributor/dealer pays freight in, Dude Tools, Inc. pays freight back.

Authorized Returns will be issued at the price paid for the product, less any freight charges incurred by Dude Tools, Inc. and a 20% restocking fee.

Guarantee Sale:

On Original Order; Dude Tools, Inc. will refund the product cost if product does not sell within 90-days; distributor/dealer pays inbound freight.  Dude Tools, Inc. will allow one (1) STOCK ADJUSTMENT per year with a $dollar for $dollar reorder (after inspection/in resalable condition).  “We’re just too nice.”   Return Goods Authorization (RGA) required.  Return goods shipping is distributor/dealer paid.


Pricing is subject to change without notice, “but we will always try to give you Dudes a heads up.”


For questions, concerns, information or input, please call 909-989-9530 between 8:00am & 4:00pm Pacific time to discuss it with the Dude.  “Always like to hear from YOU!”

To place an order send purchase orders to sales@dudetools.com