Manufactured in the USA

All our tools are manufactured in the United States of America. They are cast with high-strength striking steel, then drawn back to the highest strength possible.

New Pricing in 2022

Due to the increasing costs of steel and manufacturing, we will be increasing our prices beginning January 1st, 2022. Our new price list will be shipping to distributors in mid December. Thank for your continued support of American-Made Products!

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All of our products are proudly manufactured in the USA.


We do not sell directly to the public. If you wish to purchas our tools, please visit our distributors page.

Five Star Tools

Every one of our tools is a 5-Star tool. 

Dude Busters

Seven sizes of High Impact Deep Sockets that allow the bolt to travel over 7 inches, deepest on the market, for tightening and breaking of nuts.  The unique one piece design is cast from High Strength S-5 Striking Steel and then during heat treating drawn back to the highest strength possible for the most enduring tool.  Completely balanced so there is no wobble, making it easier on the impact tool.  Designed to take the abuse from heavy impact work with either air or electric tools.

Screw Busters

Precision cast with High Strength S-5 Striking Steel for durability and no wobble so the job gets done quick and clean; these sockets may be smaller, but they are just as mighty as the DUDE BUSTERS.  Designed to be used with 1/2 inch impact tools these sockets will drive SDS screws for the different hold down and panel systems.  The magnetic tips hold the screws in the socket until you’re ready to drive them home.

Dude Buster Wrenches

Seven sizes of 12-point wrenches that allow the bolt to travel thru the cast head so the wrench won’t drop off the nut.  Cast from High Strength S-5 Striking for the greatest strength and the consistent precision of the 12-point socket which allows the user to engage the wrench at almost any angle.  

Form Busters

The blade is 3” wide and 12” long, the biggest in the field.  We added a fulcrum point (for you Dudes and Dudette that’s a leverage bar) into the blade, a V notch for pulling out pins and nails and casting it in one piece from High Strength S-5 Striking Steel it is the strongest blade ever.  Add to this the longest handle on the market for extra leverage and you think you have it all,

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