Do Tools Make the Dude…

or, does the “Dude” make the tools? The answer is YES to both. A little over 25 years ago, the Dude Buster was introduced and changed impacting anchor bolts forever. This high impact deep, deep socket was, and still is, revolutionary to the market. We are the only company casting the whole socket with high strength S-5 striking steel; then drawing it back to the highest strength possible, making it not only the strongest deep socket on the market, but also the only one that is balanced. The founder of Dude Tools, David Halstead, and inventor of the Dude Buster, says he wanted to make the best product out there for professional workers in the field… and he sure did.

From the simple concept of making the best, Dude Tools was born and is still growing. Our motto: “We make the tools that make the job easier,” comes from watching, talking and listening to contractors and workers in the field and factories about the tools they currently use and hoiw they can improve on their performance.

Making the best tools incorporates more than the performance factor of the tool.  Other considerations that are looked at in every tool are SAFETY, DUARBILITY, SECURITY and INNOVATION.  OSHA has a huge presence and influence in the market.  Not only do we make our tools to meet the safety needs of OSHA, they are an inspiration for new product such as our DUDE STAKE DRIVER which is used to drive wood stakes and both round and flat steel stakes without the mushrooming effect and a handle to keep the users hand clear of the striking tool; Dude you know it as a sledge hammer.  Or there is our KNUCKLE SAVER on the FORMBUSTER III which keeps your hands from getting smashed.  
To make sure our tools are unmatched in durability, we incorporate proven methods of manufacturing which insure their quality, but the real test comes from the field.  All tools are field tested by the people and trades that use them.  Once they approve the design and can’t break em, the tools are ready for production.
People ask “Dude how do you make a tool secure?”  “Several ways” I say.  First is to make it highly visible.  That is why we powder coat almost every tool ORANGE.  There’s only one thing worse than having your tool stolen; leaving it so someone can take it.  OSHA also recognizes ORANGE for safety and warning.  Another is to make the tool indispensable, like the bottle cap opener on our ALL IN ONE DUDE.  A working Dude or Dudette will never let it out of their sight.
Innovation is the fun part of DUDE TOOLS, especially with coming up with the names of the tools.  Our new DUDE DUSTER Saw Attachment is a great example.  It fits on the front of a SKIL/BOSCH 77 series saw and blows the dust and debris away from the cut line using the exhaust from the saw so you don’t have to Huff & Puff and put your face down into your work.  It’s bright ORANGE of course so it makes finding your tool a breeze.  Made of tough ABS plastic it takes the knocks and bumps the saw takes.
Exceptional materials and an unwavering commitment to quality is the ultimate goal of DUDE TOOLS, INC.  All our products are meticulously detailed from the DUDE BUSTER to the DUDE DUSTER.  We are committed to endurance.  Actually that is our biggest problem here at DUDE TOOLS; the tools never break, but we’ll deal with it.  
Oh, by the way.  We are often asked “Are you NUTS to make all your tools in the USA?”  Not nuts, just PROUD!!!.
Dude Tools does not sell directly to the public. Please visit our distributors list page if you wish to make a purchase. Thank you.