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Form Buster III

Form Buster III


"Break all Barriers."

Dude, we made the best form breaking tool there is and then after listening to you tell us more & more we developed it more & more until we got to 3, which is a charm.  The blade is 3” wide and 12” long, the biggest in the field.  We added a fulcrum point (for you Dudes and Dudette that’s a leverage bar) into the blade, a V notch for pulling out pins and nails and casting it in one piece from High Strength S-5 Striking Steel it is the strongest blade ever.  Add to this the longest handle on the market for extra leverage and you think you have it all, but wait there’s more.  Have you ever had a form bust loose and the handle drops to the ground with your hands wrapped around it?  OUCH! That’s why we added the Knuckle Saver so you won’t crush your hands ever again; “we love you Dude!”  And best of all, it’s mad in the USA.