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Dude Buster Double Wrench

Product ID#: NBW12 (1/2")
Product ID#: NBW58 (5/8")
Product ID#: NBW34 (3/4")
Product ID#: NBW78 (7/8")
Product ID#: NBW1 (1")
Product ID#: NBW118 (1-1/2")
Product ID#: NBW114 (1-1/4")

"Dude, this is power in your hand."

Seven sizes of 12-point wrenches that allow the bolt to travel through the cast head so the wrench won't drop off the nut. Cast with High Strength Steel for precision of the socket, the handle is welded to the head and then the wrench is sent to Heat Treating to make it the toughest wrench out there. The 12-point socket allows the user to work in tight areas (excellent with the HARDY panel) and still get lots of leverage on the hard to turn bolts. A big padded handle makes the tool comfortable on the roughest hands and is angled so that knuckles won't rub.

Tool weight: NBW12 & NBW58 - (16 oz); NBW34, NBW78 & NBW1 - (20 oz); NBW118 & NBW114 - (26 oz)