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Dude Buster Wrench

Product ID#: NBW12 (1/2")
Product ID#: NBW58 (5/8")
Product ID#: NBW34 (3/4")
Product ID#: NBW78 (7/8")
Product ID#: NBW1 (1")
Product ID#: NBW118 (1-1/8")
Product ID#: NBW114 (1-1/4")

"Dude, this is power in your hand."

Seven sizes of 12-point wrenches that allow the bolt to travel thru the cast head so the wrench won’t drop off the nut.  Cast from High Strength S-5 Striking for the greatest strength and the consistent precision of the 12-point socket which allows the user to engage the wrench at almost any angle.  A big padded handle makes the tool comfortable on the roughest hands and is angled so that knuckles won’t rub, but still gives you great leverage over your work and yes; it’s made in the USA.