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Dude Nail Buster


Nail Buster

Dude Nail Buster

Product ID#: DNB24
Product ID#: DNB24S

"The Spirit of a Patriot with the ATTITUDE of the DUDE."

These sweet swinging hammers are precision cast from High Strength S-5 Striking Steel for durability and balance. Check out the details; our star pattern on both sides of the head commemorates nine/eleven (count em).  A magnetic nail holder on top holds single and duplex head nails allowing you to free up one hand for other stuff.  An 18 inch straight AX Handle has a great grip to it, adds balance to the swing and the knob at the bottom of the handle gives your swing extra SNAP.  If you’re not swinging a DUDE NAIL BUSTER you’re just trying to hit nails with a hammer. Get the job done right with the right tool.

Replacement Oak Handle

Product ID#: DNB18RH

18" Straight ax handle is made from the tallest and sturdiest oaks we can find. Comes with a wooden wedge to fill the spilt and metal wedge to expand the head. Weight is 7oz.