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Simpson-Dude Buster


Simpson - Dude Buster

Product ID#: SD34
Product ID#: SD1

Yes indeed, "You still BUST THEIRS, NOT YOURS!"

Designed for the Heavy Hex Nuts supplied with the Simpson Strong-tie steel panels; makes installation quick and clean.  Only two sizes available for the 1-1/4” HH nut that fits on a 3/4” bolt and the 1-5/8” HH nut that fits on the 1” bolt.  They are GOLD in color to celebrate Simpson’s 50th anniversary.  They are worth their weight and they are GOLD and found and made in the USA.

Part # Nut Size Bolt Size Drive Size
SD34 1-1/4" Nut 3/4" Bolt 1/2"
SD1 1-5/8" Nut 1" Bolt 1/2"
SD114 2" Nut 1-1/4" Bolt 12"