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Hardy-Dude Buster


Hardy - Dude Buster

Product ID#: HD78 (7/8")
Product ID#: HD118 (1-1/8")

"Dude, you still BUST THEIRS, NOT YOURS!"

These rugged little guys are built as tough as the DUDE BUSTERS, but are only 5” long to fit into the Hardy Panel and other tight places.  Only two sizes for the nuts on 7/8” bolts or 1-1/8” bolts.  Yes they are yellow in color, but they are not chicken to do hard work and like all DUDE TOOLS, they’re made in the USA.

Part # Nut Size Bolt Size Drive Size
HD78 1-5/16" Nut 7/8" Bolt 1/2"
HD118 1-11/16" Nut 1-1/8" Bolt 1/2"