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All-In-One Dude

Product ID#: AD1

"The coolest tool yet."

It’s a Chuck Key that fits most of the 1/2” Jacobs chucks.  The large handle gives the user leverage to really tighten down on the bits.  The handle is also a Blade Wrench that fits all the Worm Drive saws and most of the Sidewinder type.  Insert the Chuck Key into the hole of a blade to easily pop out the diamond for the worm drive saw.  No more trying to knock the diamond out with the claw of a hammer and bending the blade. More importantly, it has a Bottle Opener that will fit just about any bottle cap on the market.  A real lifesaver.  The tool is cast of one-piece S-5 Striking Steel and then heat treated and drawn back to the highest possible strength.  It is harder than any of the materials it is used with.  Casting is used for the consistent precision needed for the Chuck Key and blade wrench. 4 tools in one, the ALL-IN-ONE DUDE is a must in your tool belt or tool box and like all DUDE TOOLS, it’s made in the USA.