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Dude Driver

Product ID# DD324

"Post driving has never been more fun."

Dude you’re a big boy now so why not use a manly tool and the right tool to get the job done.  We use 3” steel pipe as our body with a 2-1/2lb driver head on top.  We also were the first to use ergonomic handles for reduced user stress.  So why go so big when all the others use 2” to 2-1/2” pipe you ask? Because when you drive a wooden post the top starts to mushroom and gets stuck in the top and drags along the walls reducing the effectiveness of each hit and just makes it a lot harder for you to drive the post.  That’s not what you want or what we want; “We make the tools that make the job easier.”  So step up to the right tool made in the right place; the USA.