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Dude Hickey

Dude Hickey

Product ID#: DH34 (34")
Product ID#: DH48 (48")

"Dude, we're talking about a real hickey here!"

The head unlike our competitors has no weld points, but instead is cast one piece from High Strength S-5 Striking Steel and Heat Treated and drawn back to the highest strength possible. Every head needs a neck and we gave ours a sturdy one that is inserted into the handle for extra strength.  The three pins on the face side are easily capable of bending #3, #4 and #5 bars.  Question is are you?  That’s why we also made our DUDE HICKEY with 48” and 60” long handles for extra leverage. And that lonely pin on the back of the head; what’s it for?  Dude, that’s your pivot point; just drill a hole on a table and put on a couple of stop blocks and you created a jig so you can repeatedly bend rebar to the same angle/degree.  You know, production work.  All the handles come with a nice grip for better control and it’s all made in the USA.