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Dude Buster

Dude Buster


Seven sizes of High Impact Deep Sockets that allow the bolt to travel over 7 inches, deepest on the market, for tightening and breaking of nuts.  The unique one piece design is cast from High Strength S-5 Striking Steel and then during heat treating drawn back to the highest strength possible for the most enduring tool.  Completely balanced so there is no wobble, making it easier on the impact tool and the operator who won’t be doing the Hula anymore.  Each tool is marked with the dimensional nut size and bolt size for easy identification. Designed to take the abuse from heavy impact work with either air or electric tools and as all DUDE TOOLS are, it’s made in the USA.

Product ID#: NB12
Product ID#: NB58
Product ID#: NB34
Product ID#: NB78
Product ID#: NB1
Product ID#: NB118
Product ID#: NB114 
Product ID#: NB112 (standard)
Product ID#: NB1120 (oversized)

Part # Nut Size Bolt Size Drive Size
NB12 3/4" Nut 1/2" Bolt 1/2"
NB58 15/16" Nut 5/8" Bolt 1/2"
NB34 1-1/8" Nut 3/4" Bolt 1/2"
NB78 1-5/16" Nut 7/8" Bolt 1/2"
NB1 1-1/2" Nut 1" Bolt 1/2"
NB118 1-11/16" Nut 1-1/8" Bolt 1/2"
NB114 1-7/8" Nut 1-1/4" Bolt 1/2"
NB112 (standard) 2-1/4" Nut 1-1/2" Bolt 3/4"
NB1120 (oversized) 2-3/8" Nut 1-1/2" Bolt 3/4"