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At Dude Tools, we strive to make the best tools possible. We cut no corners when it comes to the quality of our tools. If fact, the only problem with our tools is, They Don't Break. Our tools are 100% made in the USA.

Attention Dudes & Dudettes in Purchasing:

Over the past year and a half we have all experienced tough times and tough practices.  Here at DUDE TOOLS, INC. over that time we have had 7, yes count em; seven price increases in steel alone.  Well, we are not going to announce a price increase to you.  We didn’t like it and figured you wouldn’t either.


We do have to do something to adjust to our increases so starting immediately we are no longer offering pre-paid freight.  We can add the freight to your invoice or use your shipping number to pay the freight.  Minimum Orders are still $100.00 and as always, if we get your order by 10:00 A.M Pacific Time, it will ship the same day.


What about Back Orders you ask?  We hardly if ever have them, but if we do, we’ll pay the freight on the Back Order item(s) to you.  Now there’s a deal!


Thank you for your support and we are all looking forward to many more years of success!


Be Lucky,


Dude Tools, Inc. (2013)